Our Dentist

Dr. Helen Zongas

Dr Helen Zongas graduated from the University of Sydney in 1990 and co-founded Dentessence in 1998 with the clear goal of offering high quality, personalised professional dentistry within the Sydney CBD area. Equipped with over 31 years of experience, Helen has intricately studied how a wide range of dental options may be assessed and applied to achieve the best long-term dental solution — a synergistic smile that feels good and looks good.

Helen strongly believes in using the best quality products and most proficient peer group of specialists and technicians to ensure superior biocompatibility, strength and aesthetic outcomes.

Many of Helen’s patients have been with her for over 31 years and she now has the pleasure of treating their partners, children, parents and friends. The strong sense of continuity and community evident in her clients and Dentessence, serves to highlight the fact that we all value consistency in health care.

We all want experienced, caring professionals that understand us and can identify the best solution for both the short and long term. Knowing your patient’s teeth, jaw muscle habits, and bite configuration can create an amazing foundation for our teeth and related general health. This is one key reason why Helen so greatly values and enjoys building enduring professional relationships with her clients.

Helen provides a range of dental services including preventative dental strategies for all ages, implants, orthodontics (fast braces, Invisalign, plates) and TMJ treatments. In complex cases, Helen’s interdisciplinary approach to dental rehabilitation can prove of significant assistance in a smoother interrelationship of your bite with the entire body. Helen finds that fine-tuning your bite in minor ways can often provide major benefit to assist your immediate comfort and long-term protection of your teeth. Such complex cases often benefit from a blend of orthodontics and teeth restoration.